Thursday, August 3, 2023

Expect the Media to Press Hard for a Televised DJT Federal Trial

Just after the off-camera high fives and the 'Thank ya Jesus' praises of the media's newest hero, Jack Smith, even before the ink was dry on the the indictments, the media started talk of a televised trial of Orange Man Bad.  MSNBC is predictably extremely excited about the indictment, prosecution, and potentially, jail time for DJT. They were all smiles and spiking the football pretty hard. Now you can expect them to start squawking about lobbying hard to get cameras inside of the courtroom so as to create as large of a spectacle as possible for their circus trial.

MSNBC Race Lady, Joy Reid prompts her guest with this thought:
“I worry that without a televised trial, like the OJ trial, you know, it would be the trial of the century. This is the most important case… of our lifetime. Without a televised trial, it’s just going to be us saying it. And saying what happened every day.”
That prompted the disgraced former senator Claire McCaskill, a pretend political analyst, and not one of the brightest bulbs rhetorically opines through her afternoon vodka:
“Why is it that we could televise the OJ trial decades ago — that was in the 90s — and people could see what actually happened in the courtroom… The media weren’t able to make stuff up, because they saw it in real time.”
Poor Claire, (burp) should know that OJ trial took place in a state court where cameras are allowed and the DJT trial will take place in a federal courtroom where cameras are not.

But the ultimate reason of having cameras present for the proceedings, besides the propaganda value of clipping out sensational moments of the trial to feed to their low info viewers, of course would be the ratings boon. MSNBC would be nothing without Trump. It’s literally almost all they talk about.

But Can You Even Imagine..... The day would start off for the MSNBC viewer with 'Morning Joe':

Squinty & Meat Puppet and sidekick Little Willy doing the daily pre-trial warmup and a quick rundown of the previous days proceedings with various celebrity want-to-be former prosecutors getting valuable facetime and notes for a new book. And of course the always semi-lucid Rev Al Sharpton there to opine anti-intellectually about things like "he can't imagine Thomas Jefferson trying to overthrow the government." No really. He Said That.

Later we'd have the impossible to watch rotting corpse of Andrea Mitchell and a hand full of panelist no one's heard of walk us through the breaks with expert mumbo jumbo analysis of some obscure legal theory or maneuver that surely will send DJT to the gallows.

Then comes the afternoon closer and wrap up with the ever increasingly unstable sounding DJT obsessed 50 y/o teenager, Nicole Wallace, with her regular motley tribe of disgraced former high officers of the law and shady former prosecutors with wild imaginations to tell you what you heard wasn't what you heard,  with a lot of "Trump's defense is shaky" thrown in.  

Primetime will be a ratings boon for the media. What more could a low-info MSNBC viewer ask for? A panel discussion of the days proceedings led by the Race Lady with Ricky Maddow and his retarded twin Chrissy Hayes and a host of many hopeful future media stars drilling down into the irrelevant facts and accusations while trying to get as much facetime as possible by using 145 words when 15 are all that's needed, as to quote themselves in their book about the trial they will be writing.  All to be joined late by the phoney dignified presence of Larry 'Stop That Hammering!" O'Donnell with all his blistering oratory and nightly targeted clownish righteous indignation toward all things DJT, second only to the the late Keith Olbermann.  

It seems to me that federal courts should be open to cameras — but not for MSNBC’s ratings. Rather, it’s important to see what the government does in our name with our money in the full light of day. But in this case, I'm torn.

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