Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bill Clinton to Join Obama for Fundraisers

From Bloomberg:
"Former President Bill Clinton has agreed to make joint appearances with President Barack Obama at a series of campaign fundraisers, according to three people familiar with the matter. The 42nd and the 44th presidents will appear together at events in the coming months in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, according to one of the people.
The New York fundraiser will be attended by donors in the financial services industry, said the person, who like the others spoke on the condition of anonymity because they hadn’t been authorized to talk about the events.  The prospect of a meeting with Obama as well as the former president, whose favorability rating was 67 percent in a Pew Research Center poll last year, may entice more donors.........."

"Democrats cheered the move and said it signaled a new stage in the campaign. The show of Democratic unity comes as Republicans are in the middle of a protracted primary fight."
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  1. Obama gets a cool mil from Maher and Bill comes
    onboard? Coincidence? O knows he's in trouble.
    Here's to Barry getting his ass handed to him in November.

    1. I'll second that thought. As we get closer to November 6th and Obama is dropping in the polls, I expect to hear more behind the scenes reports of The One's thin skin outbursts with and among his minions. Panic has already set in and the proof is that Obama has already told Democrat congressional leaders that he will not be financially supporting their re-election efforts so he can concentrate on his own re-election. Nothing like cutting off your party peeps at their campaign financial knees.

  2. Oh, there are so many things that could be said about this!....