Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Buttigieg Actively Seeks the Bend Over for Beijing Position

Mayor Pete lost out for consideration to be the new UN Ambassador for being in the wrong category of Political Correctness, butt he is now actively seeking another high level Ambassadorship, hoping for our biggest economic competitor, China. If appointed by the handlers that are choosing positions for Joe Biden, Buttigieg would be highly qualified for the Biden 'forward into the past' philosophy and perfect fit for the job, as he is experienced at taking it up the wazoo like America did under Obama/Biden.

Buttigieg has made it clear his main interest lies in foreign policy or national security, and a stint as ambassador in Beijing could help set up for his return as a presidential candidate, something the Democrat Party are expecting after he was a resounding success in the Iowa caucuses. The role would give the Chinese an opportunity to cast their spell on a potential future president and for China to work on undoing the advantages between US and China that have swung heavily in America's favor because of DJT's forcefully standing up for America to the Communist nation.

We're confident Mayor Pete will continue the Dems traditional bending over for the Commies and selling out America like Clinton, Bush and Obama have done so well in the past. Biden has likened Buttigieg to his late son Beau saying that "it's the highest compliment I can give any man or woman."

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