Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Hollywood Gay Community Isn't Buttigiegin' Mayor Pete as Well as Expected

Mayor Pete's star is shining bright and causing a great bit of excitement with the Tinseltown crowd these days. But it seems Hollywood’s top heavy, fabulously dough loaded gay community isn't ready just yet to come forth and drench Mayor Pete with their big donations. Mayor Pete is facing a load of skepticism. And while Hollywood has helped seed the early stages of Buttigieg’s campaign, the biggest donors are skeptical of larger insertions because of Pete's lack of experience and a perceived inability to win in 2020. And many of Hollywood's gays are spreading their money around, contributing to so-called 'gay friendly' politicians who will say anything to get their money with whom they have longtime relationships.

Lesbians and Hollywood's notorious fag hag actresses who were all in politically for 2016 by backing the shrill, booze infused lying head of a crime syndicate, would like to see another women nominated, superseding the opportunity to elect a gay man, preferably someone with PC acceptable amounts of melanin like Kamala what's her name, to take down the dictator Trump. But the first Democrat Debates are on the horizon, and it's a chance for Mayor Pete to take a bow and open up to the skeptics. 


In a totally unrelated and unnecessary news story, the bloated carcass of a dead whale was reported to have washed up on the private beachfront of the Malibu estate of singer Barbara Streisand. Babs herself reported the whale to Malibu's fabulous PD. After further investigation, it was found the whale to just be a delirious, nude sunbathing Michael Moore. Ms. Streisand ordered Moore, as well as the sand around him, forcefully removed from her beach, but declined to press charges.

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