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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

In Clown World There is Always Another Act Warming Up Off-stage

The media is busy making the Vegetable-in-Chief sound like a statesman, which is far less exciting than it sounds. The novelty of having a dementia patient in the White House has worn off and we are left with the reality. That reality is that there was never any reason for Biden to be president, other than he was the only option they had to replace Trump. 
Once he scrawled what he thinks is his name on the executive orders they put in front of him, there was nothing left on the agenda. The long temper tantrum no longer has a reason, so the stasis of late empire decline is back, which means nothing happens. 
The only potential for something interesting to happen is if they snuff out the vegetable and install Harris. She is revealing herself to be dumber and shallower than anyone imagined. She is fumbling the softest of questions from the most obsequious of reporters. It seems impossible, but she may have less cognitive function than her boss and he is close to brain dead. - The Z Man
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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The Rise of Gyno-Fascism

The American left has always been rhetorically opposed to fascism, hysterically so at times, but there has always been a great deal of overlap between Progressivism and fascism.  The fascists a century ago borrowed from the American left.  Over the past century, the American left has returned the favor.  As a result, Progressivism has evolved into a strange hybrid form of fascism.

This does not mean that Progressives will be sporting armbands and khaki outfits anytime soon.  That cartoonish version of fascism that has been a staple of American pop culture for generations is not making a comeback.  Even putting aside the absurd characterizations, early-20th-century fascism was a product of the industrial age and has no place in post-industrial, technological societies.

Instead, what we are seeing in America is a highly feminized, mutant form of fascism that is unconcerned with the practical aspects of governance and instead obsesses over the aesthetic and moral aspects or rule.  The authorities of a century ago wanted to mobilize society to build things and advance their people.  The modern authoritarians demand you wear your mask and respect the differently abled.

This is an important point that cannot be dismissed: The American left is now dominated by the types of females who think taking their husband’s last name is a denial of their identity.  The men involved are either homosexuals or the sorts of male feminists who call their wife their “partner” and let them give the kids one of those ridiculous hyphenated last names.  The American left is dripping in estrogen.

In most of America, the things that one expects from government, like maintaining roads, are being ignored in favor of moral causes. State officials present highly choreographed presentations to let us know how much they care, but can’t be bothered to repair torn-up streets or broken-down schools.  Instead of big public-works projects, gyno-fascism puts all of its energy into making sure everyone feels needed and safe.

The nation’s human-resource departments now manage the culture.

Gyno-fascism is not about defending a physical country, but rather defending an abstract idea, no point other than to inflict endless torment in an effort to gain attention.   Of course, it never ends. The ruling class is now a needy girlfriend with a personality disorder, demanding we drop everything to hear about her day.

The old fascists dismissed liberal democracy, but were willing to participate in the democratic process as a means to establish one-party rule. Democracy was a bus they could ride to power, then get off the bus and rule unopposed.  We see this with the left today.  They give lip service to the democratic process, but in reality, they see it as a means to an end, where they establish one-party rule.

Excerpted from a Post by Z Man

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