Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Schumer Blames Buzzy's Expiration Date and Cal's Pecker for Him Not Rising to Majority Leader

Having become the United States Senate's most famous Drama Queen and leader of the Caucus of Snakes and Rats, Chuck Schumer channeled his inner-most Hillary Clinton by lashing out at about his dashed hopes of ascension to the HMFIC of the Senate.  He blamed both failed Senate candidate Cal Cunningham and the late Buzzy Ginsburg for the Democratic Party’s inability to secure a Senate majority.

During a recent call with donors, Schumer, in his usual Shakespeare of Doom style lamented that Cunningham’s extramarital affair cost Schumer because he “couldn’t keep his zipper up” and got entangled in an adulterous sexting scandal. He also threw down the idea Buzzy checking out untimely spoiled his plans to become the democrat carnival barker.  He pinpointed Ginsburg’s death as a reason that Susan Collins (R-ME) was able reframe the debate about replacing Supreme Court justices and hold onto a seat Democrats had hoped to flip.

Now, only a rigged election in Georgia can save Schumer from years more of daily tilting at windmills, and nightly pillow biting. We can only hope for his slow continuing torture. 

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