Monday, December 28, 2020

Joe Biden's Pickle

I have listened with interest to what is, and has been for awhile now, coming from the mouths of the soft skulls on the far-left. I have enjoyed in particular the so called black social justice warriors, now in full racial bluster with their new network shows spouting off their bigotry with full license from their networks. And also to what is being said, or should I say veiled attacks, from some on the far left pointed at Joe Biden. The far left believes it's their time. They long ago signaled their true intentions.  Joe Biden is seen now as their unruly Useful Idiot. 

The Far Left (as now anything left of center should be tagged) made it through the first “crisis”, the rancor of the 1960s,  and were greeted with appeasement from the Right. They got everything they wanted more or less.  Abortion, affirmative action, virtually open borders, normalizing perversion and even at will able to redefining word usage without a hint of  push back for conservatives.  Instead of holding the line, the Right bought a few years of peace. That only achieved a short-term benefit without realizing the consequences to subsequent generations.

The Left is never satisfied since they are fanatical in their desires. Their wants, desires, and demands increase in lunacy to the point they've even blurred the lines between the definitions of the sexes. They push harder and harder to the point where being white is considered evil (they use the word “privileged”), that there should be no such thing as national borders, that Christianity and doctrine is “so 1600’s,” and that anyone who speaks out against them should be censored (they call it “fact-checking”). They are emboldened because any effective resistance was minimal at best, and because they captured the very institutions that could have been a check on their desires- academia and the media.

Since the 1960s, there has been a slow build up of grievances. There have been well-meaning attempts at reconciliation, a compromise here or there that slapped a band-aid on the problem, some misjudgments, and a perception that “this crisis” will soon blow over and we will all be alright. Kumbaya and all, ya know. 

But, something happened in 2020 that makes me think there may be no surviving the most recent crises. Lockdowns in the face of a pandemic, the peaceful violence we saw on the streets of our cities at the hand of BLM/antifa in the name of justice, and the ultimate kick in the crotch, a fraudulent election, may have drained any good will that minimally existed pre-2020. 

Today, we hear dangerous words more at home in the mid-1800s like “nullification,” “secession,” and “revolution.”  Crazy talk and bad decisions need not succeed to allow the drunk drivers of politics, the socialist Left and their Democrat Party patsies, to redefine in their demented image what this country is and represents.  Only total, committed opposition is what will save this country from either total balkanization or government tyranny.

Biden’s talk of “healing” is simply hollow words from a hollow man. The lengths to which the Left went to demonize DJT and then install Biden as their puppet has left a chasm of ill-will in its wake. The fanatical drunk driver will never learn their lesson until they fatally crash into a tree. In this case, we need to assure that tree is the Tree of Liberty. 

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