Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 Was a Great Year........

From an essay by James Madison

"In 2020, the elites learned to live in complete isolation from the riff-raff, working from home, dining on Cava from Uber Eats, and resupplied with hand disinfectant and toilet paper by Amazon. They may never return to the polluted, unlivable, expensive, crime-ridden, lousy-school, high tax environs they created. And why should they?  The whiny Millennials have nothing vested in those downtown, hip condos they bought on Reddit.  So they will buy a car on Carvana, place a Bernie sticker on the bumper, rub the sticker to make it look old, and head for greener pastures.  They are choosing to take up new residences and vote for Democrats in places like Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas.  They are compelled by justice and Instagram to turn those places into the places they left. We cannot blame them.

Our new elites spent their infancy (years 1-22) in paper diapers, so they were taught to poop in their pants/nests and then, leave it for others to clean up.  These bankers, lawyers, web millionaire-wanna-be’s, and malleable executives, represent the elitist of “elite privilege,” and elite privilege is better than white privilege or a bottle of P├ętrus with a ‘friend’ who is not my wife at “Daniel” in New York.  After all, elite privilege can buy your child acceptance to the best mediocre state college or a prestigious job with a boutique, investment raider.  So, 2020 was the year for the elites to abandon city life, and adopt new mantras like, “Goodbye Manhattan, I’m off to the shore by way of Staten”, “It is hasta luego to dull San Diego”, and “So long to ‘ol Boston, I landed in Austin.”

Meanwhile, those who work with their hands or in service got $600 to end in 2020. Praise be to the patricians who rule us!  And even better, that pleb political movement led by a barbarian rube was doused in a national ‘selection’ just in the nick of time before the methane in the DC swamp ignited.

So let’s give a loud hosanna for the administrative state! The return of the ruling class to town is being greeted with celebrations and salutations in the diverse media ranks (mostly white males) as our saviors ride into the capital bearing that breezy bag-of-wind vane Joe “IQ” Biden on their backs.

Those of us who are part of the 74 million deniers have much to be thankful for. We, along with the 83 million people both dead and alive who voted for the President-Select, will all soon feel the nation’s woke centurions spread their warmth and love in 2021, and we will feel it good and hard. Thank you 2020.

2020 was also the year the media confirmed why newsprint is so cheap by reporting on everything from the hidden facts behind Russian Collusion, the sinister Russian misinformation campaign about Hunter Biden’s internships, and the kindly efforts of Antifa and BLM to bring about peaceful harmony.

But the media’s main stories were fables.  Using replica truth, CNN, AP, WaPo, NYT, NBC, George and Amal Clooney (from their private plane and modest villa on Lago ‘Cuomo’), and The China People’s Daily, remain dedicated to “making the world a better place” or, at least, in their own images which are really quite beautiful.  They remain steadfast in refuting the lying eyes of the common man and his primitive value system, replacing it with the Code of the Hamptons, the Vineyard Compact, the French Laundry List, and the Rodeo Drive Tablets.  The people must live a modest, green life with crime, bad schools, and thermostats set to 55˚, so our burdened rulers can fly on their private planes to Palm Springs for a round of golf (or off to the French Caribbean For Christmas).

Thus, the mass media is dedicated to this paramount principle: Tell the people what to think and if they disobey, accuse them in scrolling chyrons of being primal, racist, nativist, gender-phobic, racist, anti-science, violent, sexist, racist, right-wing terrorists, dumb, ugly, without fashion sense, left-handed, racist, poor, stupid, allowing-their-Vogue-subscription-to-run-out, racist, uneducated, and unwilling to bow down to doctorates in education from Delaware Tech and Auto Repair School, …, as well as being racist of course.

A new patrician aristocracy made up of the old aristocracy has returned to save us in 2021.  Yummy. They did so well before."

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