Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Bend Over and Smile. The Emergency Covid Bill is Finally Here

If you're watching the government spend $900 billion to cut $126 billion in relief checks, and you still think government-run healthcare will *save* money, you're a hopeless fool.

After months of Democrats delaying tactics to win an election, a COVID Relief bill has finally passed congress. A bill so large it had to be rolled into the capital on a cart.  Now that the details are seeping out we find out the years people spent getting political on warring sides, dividing this nation socially is now shown to be misspent energy.  With this bill both parties are now seen as corrupt and venal entities.

Thinking there is a significant difference between these avaricious bodies is foolhardy. For months these bickering brigands were posturing as if they were desperately hammering out aid for the citizenry. In fact, it is a just budget bill that has the relief bill spot-welded to it in order to justify the wasteful payouts. The two bills had been connected so the House voted to avoid the normal 72 hour period to vet the content. This was done in order to pass this like the fecal matter through the proverbial goose, much like they did with Obamacare. 

There is so much unneeded and wasted handout in this fiasco of a rescue that you will be asking for the riots that were tearing apart Portland for months to be unleashed inside the beltway.

This relief bill should have consisted of a single page — a dollar amount, and a sum delivered. Done.

Included in this new bill are the paltry $600 checks to be sent out that amounts to only $200 billion of the $900 billion bill. There are other needed assists in the bill, like $325 billion aimed at small business relief, and another $125 billion is paid out for unemployment benefits.  But this bill will do little to save the nation's second largest employer, the restaurant business. In total these payouts amount to roughly $600 billion, so where is the rest of this payout going?

For starters, the politicians saw fit to include not only illegal immigrants in the payouts this time around but also their family members. They also made this payout retro-active, so those who had been excluded in the first relief package will receive that payment as well. This translates to non-citizens becoming eligible for a $1,800 payment.

And remember the The Kennedy Center for the Arts? They got a cool 25 Mil. last round of covid relief,  and then shuttered the doors. Yeah, they got 40 Mil. this round. You can Read More about the details, but I warn you of potential indigestion if you do. 

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