Wednesday, December 23, 2020

An Open Letter to Journalists at the End of the Toughest Year of our Careers

 by JulieWolfe - News Director @WHAS11 Louisville, Kentucky

This is fantastic letter, Julie. We’ve never needed journalists more than we do right now to guide us to the truth. Being a journalist takes brains, determination, modesty and the ability to see both sides of.....🤣…I can’t. I tried. 

Curb your self-importance sweetie!

The Cognitive Dissonance here should be studied in a lab. You really have it rough compared to all those people who lost jobs or their business.  You had to work from home while they just had to sit around and enjoy their funemployment. Thank goodness you made it ok.  How many journalists have lost their incomes and livelihoods as the result of the “toughest year of their lives”?  The world is melting down, people are losing everything and the average corporate journalist has to try and climb up on that cross.

And Master zoom?? So we're doing that whole participation trophy thing for journalists now too? Like a 6 year old remote learning his colors. Impressive. Stunning. Brave. Patting yourself on the back for “mastering zoom” is like feeling accomplishment for successfully velcroing your shoes. But one journalist really "mastered" Zoom this year, 'Jackoff Jeff '.

Jackin' Jeffery Toobin

Is "2020 Journalist" the new word for "activist" now that "activist" means "peaceful rioter?" It's hard to keep up with internet slang. 

Journalism is basically dead. Establishment activists are posing as journalists to abuse the benefits and protections given by the title. It's been happening for years and any anti-establishment voice is now smeared as "far-right". These activists are the enemy of any free person. Yes there are good journalists, but what most seem to not understand is this has been a hard year for EVERYONE. Journalists weren't hit harder, yet they act like martyrs. Out-of-touch, elitist, self-aggrandizing journalists (which seem to be the majority) make the profession hated. People don't hate journalists, they hate liars. The problem is the degree to which those roads have converged.

Journalists are the only ones who think journalists did anything of value this year. I don't think you appreciate the level of hatred and contempt the average person feels toward the media as a whole.  Honestly crying and depressed corporate journalists is one of the few bright spots of 2020.  Congratulations on going from a disliked group of people to an extremely extraordinarily distrusted and disliked group of people! Cheers!

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