Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Just When You Think the Trump/Russia Conspiracy Can't Get Any More Weird, They Throw In Jesus For Good Measure

The seemingly unending saga of the greatest political conspiracy in modern history is getting weird now. Not that it wasn't weird before, but it's officially even weirder now that it looks like Mueller has little or nothing on DJT or to show for his time and money, and has the disappointed left scratching the ground like hungry armadillos for something - anything.

Take note comrades, there have been rumblings across the pond over the past few months about how the sale of this one painting - the most expensive art sale ever, of an extremely rare da Vinci that might not even be a da Vinci, or if it is, it might have been painted by Leonardo's cousin Billy Ray da Vinci - and might be one of the keys to unlocking the whole Trump/Russia conspiracy. But Jesus, really? A painting?

Trump-Russia journalist Zev Shalev has written the narrative out in such a way that he thinks it's time we all pay attention. First of all, some basic facts. The painting in question is called "What Are You Doing Up In That Tree, Jesus?" the Salvator Mundi, quite an unusual perspective for a da Vinci, a depiction of Jesus with an orb in one hand and doing some kind of Jesus hand sign with his other. It's known in art circles as an homage to the Mona Lisa, which was kind of da Vinci's big break and eventually playing a large part in having a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle named after him. The Salvator Mundi was recently sold for $450 million in what was the most expensive art transaction of all time.

The buyer? Mohammed bin Salman, crown prince of Saudi Arabia, because all murder-happy Muslim crown princes like to come home to a nice picture of Jesus over the mantel after a hard day of ordering journalists bone-sawed to death. He seems to have overpaid for the painting, by about $300 million. The seller? Dmitry Rybolovlev, the fertilizer oligarch, one of Putin's closest associates and just happens to know you know who......

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