Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Chuck and Nancy Pick a Real Winner

Yesterday the Democrats announced that failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams would give the dem's response to the coming Trump State of the Union address. I have to admit that if space aliens were to land and I had to explain the current Democrat party this would be one of my best examples on why I believe they should not be taken seriously by visiting intelligent life.

We all remember the November Georgia Election and the resulting whining about the results (i.e. it's not a free and fair election unless they win). Stacey Abrams’ defeat in Georgia was a roadmap to how the Democrats will treat any and every loss of an important race from here on out, and that should worry everyone. 

Abrams is the perfect embodiment of the modern Democrat party. She was funded by far-left groups out of California, funding which she refused to be transparent about amid accusations that she was using campaign funds to enrich herself (how very Democrat). She was the winner of the identity politics lottery in the ever increasing checklist of minority groups that you must belong to for a Democrat nomination so you have to vote for her our you’re a misogyracist.  Understanding that there is a lot of fear in the Democrat party about what new dumb thing there representatives may say that gives us justified reason to point and laugh, it is fascinating that they would go so far down the list and pick the failed gubernatorial candidate for Georgia who threw a fit and refused to concede the election.

We all know that it wasn’t a poignant or calculated response from Democrats, it’s the new standard of Democrat politics that they put a minority female in front of the camera so they can then call anyone who refutes her statements a misogyracist and then they don’t have to face any actual criticism of their policies. But to be fair to our brothers and sisters in the Democrat party, they are still a little shy over making speeches after President Trump because of what happened the last time.

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