Wednesday, June 27, 2018

That Popping Noise You Hear are Liberal Heads Exploding

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Retiring 

In a statement, the Supreme Court said the 81-year-old Kennedy will step down effective July 31. The judge called it "the greatest honor and privilege to serve our nation in the federal judiciary for 43 years, 30 of those years in the Supreme Court." Kennedy wants to spend more time with his family, even though they were content with him staying on the court. 

Placed on Suicide Watch:
Daily Beast - The judicial apocalypse is here, and there’s nothing Democrats can do to stop it.
Salon- A clear warning that our most cherished values are in jeopardy, and now hang in the balance. 
Splinter - F*ck, F*ck, F*ck, F*ck,F*ck
Democratic Underground - Gloom Despair And Agony On Me 
And of course this from the left's sleaziest loony bin, 'Wonkette' - Go F*ck Yourself Anthony Kennedy

Happy Retirement. 

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