Monday, June 18, 2018

FLYING PIG ALERT: Fact-Checking Site Confirms CNN Actually Aired a Totally Truthful Report

It's not surprising that the left leaning fact checkers 'PolitiFact' would rule that a CNN host words were "True." But it was surprising that Fareed Zakaria's "True" statement was "Yes, the Democratic Party is at nearly its weakest point in a century." So why is that a surprise? Because our media has this amazing tendency to spend all its political-pundit time gleefully discussing the terrible shape the Republican Party is in. 

Zakaria proclaimed on his opening commentary:
"Over the last decade the center left has been destroyed electorally across the West. Unless Democrats face up to this reality and devise a strategy to reverse this tidal wave of defeat, they might find themselves surprised one more time this November. When you tally up their representation in Congress, state legislatures and governorships, the Democrats almost have their lowest representation in about 100 years."
PolitiFact's John Kruzel cited the Real Clear Politics index:
"Under the RCP index, we found only three historical instances where Democrats held a weaker position, relative to Republicans, than they did following the 2016 election: in 1920, 1926 and 1928."
What Fareed Zakaria fails to admit is that center-left politics are in decline not only in the United States, but across the Western world. Democrats have no one but themselves to blame. 8 years of destruction of the American middle class with weak leaders, phony Hope and Change, identity politics, racial division, destruction of a culture and borders being overrun by the third world have alienated larger swaths of the electorate then they realize. Listening to blithering idiots making speeches and a media no one any longer trust to tell them the truth cannot overcome the democrats problems. Only remaking the demographics of the country can do that. And we're on to that too......


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