Monday, August 27, 2012

This Really Makes Me Angry!


While I really don't feel well enough to post today, when I saw this picture on Drudge I couldn't help make comment.


This is not a Photoshop. This was actually posted on Obama’s official Tumblr page:

After the passing of a great American, Neil Armstrong, who outside of the great sacrifice America gave the world by defeating the enemies of freedom in WWII, help give America pride and one of the greatest accomplishment of humankind as a whole by setting foot and walking on the moon. Armstrong was a private man of integrity who never sought the limelight. 

Yet the Self Absorbed resident of the White House pays tribute, not with a picture of an American Hero , BUT OF HIMSELF!

This angers me beyond believe! If this doesn't prove he deserves no respect, nothing does!


  1. You expected more from the Narcissist in Chief? It has been, is, and always will be about The One.

    I cannot imagine any conservative that would memorialize the passing of an historic American with a photo of themselves.

    This photo isn't ideological. It is psychological and relates to the core of Obama's narcissism.

    PS: Good to see you are Back DS, only if it's a brief posting. Continued good wishes on your path to a healthful recovery.

  2. Hey, hope your feeling better soon!!! Leave this POS to himself for the time, we got your back, and there isn't anything we can really do till Nov., anyway...the RINO's don't have the stones to even speak harshly to him! He's going to rerpeatedly step on his own dick many, many times between now and then (Nov.), so you get what rest you need, healthy up, get your ass back to work...

  3. Perhaps he is looking for his birth certificate. We have as much chance to see a real one as the man in the moon.

  4. Perhaps my mockery of his smugness and arrogance will make you laugh DS:

  5. Sorry to hear that you are still ailing. Be well soon.
    I saw the photo on a couple of sites, copied and posted it to a couple of forums I subscribe to, with appropriate references to this small minded buffoon who is so impressed with his ability to fake out a large portion of the country and get elected to a position he was completely unqualified for and who needs to constantly see his picture to reassure himself that it isn't a dream. Even my son who voted for and supported Obama for most of his term is disgusted with his narcissism. His fifteen minutes of fame is rapidly coming to an end.
    Once again, Jan, get well quickly.

  6. Jan I'll be very happy to see you 100% back on your feet and healthy. We can't be having one of our best dissenting voices out of commission and besides that we miss you. :-)

    Okay now to the narcissistic matter at hand. It truly makes me wonder just exactly what made Obama the narcissist he is? I am in my middle 60s and I have never in my life seen anyone that compares to Obama. He greatly reminds me of the character Nicolae Carpathia in the Left Behind Series of novels. I don't believe Obama is the antiChrist but he certainly does exhibit many of the characteristics that you'd expect in the antiChrist. I certainly hope his reign of terror will come to an end in January but I still worry about the coming election. How many Americans still buy his load of BS?? How many Americans still have the wool pulled down over their eyes and minds.

  7. It is sickening how full of himself this guy is. Like, Curmudgeon, I also took a turn at mocking The One over this.