Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jimmy Carter Says The Brotherhood is Cool. That Outa Worry You Right There.

When we talk about the President's ability to influence events, we saw that was incredibly limited even within the context of Egypt. And now if this starts spreading abroad, it’s going to be so far beyond what the United States can influence here.Monica Crowley, Washington Times

"While the pliant liberal and American news media coo over the so-called “freedom” demonstrations in Egypt, there are riots and protests breaking out all over North Africa and beyond Jordan, Yemen, Algeria, Bahrain, Tunisia." Jane Jamison
*Update 2/17- “Charismatic” Imam Returns to Egypt From Exile


  1. If Carter would just STFU instead of undercutting America at every turn.... No, I still couldn't stand him. Carter takes in vast amounts of money in honorariums from various foreign and domestic anti-America foundations for sitting on their boards and speaking out against America. If Carter is not a traitor to America, his behavior is a distinction without a real difference from a traitor.

  2. I agree with both you gentlemen. For someone to criticize his own country while overseas is unacceptable. I just wish he'd STFU and GO AWAY!