Friday, February 25, 2011

Picture of the Week.

The process being played out in Madison...
has done us a great public service, however unintentional; it has exposed the naked hypocrisy of the unions, and given us yet one more example of what's wrong with our so-called 'Political Leadership'.
This battle is not about economics (even if economic factors have brought the Madison Protests to the fore), or even of fundamental fairness; it's about maintaining a series of often-outrageous privileges which can no longer be justified, and about the ability of the Unions to buy the politicians who will continue the gravy train.

If anyone ever needed a list of reasons as to why the rest of the planet is kicking our ass economically, and why employers are willing to risk breaking the law and hire illegal immigrants, or flood the State Department with H1-B requests, you need only show up at any mass meeting of Unionized Workers. There you will find, in microcosm, everything that's wrong with the American labor market. 

Picture source: Moonbattery


  1. Sure, there are thousands of people showing up at these protests. And there are untold MILLIONS of people/voters who are onto their game now. The Unions will lose. It's inevitable.

  2. The action by Wisconsin Gov. Walker has been the most encouraging act in recent times to rein in the continuing liberal/progressive movement toward even greater statism. The incestuous relationship between public sector unions and liberal/progressive government office holders would make the Mafia proud. The combination of these two entities is simply a conspiracy to extort exorbitant amounts from the public taxpayer treasury. Public sector unions are ugly monopolies not even found to the same extent in private sector unions.

    There is NO human or natural right to collective bargaining despite what Comrade Commissar Trumpka might claim.

    What government grants, government can take away. There are few guarantees in life and collective bargaining isn't one of them.