Monday, December 8, 2014

Jesse Jackson Resumes Skakedown of Industries

With the national race-baiting duties firmly in the hands of Rev(?) Al Sharpton and a corrupt Attorney General, Rev(?) Jesse Jackson resumes his affirmative Action shakedown of American industry. Speaking at a Microsoft shareholder meeting, J.J. said Microsoft must hire more minorities and a more diverse workforce of cultures, genders, ethnicities, and lifestyles.

from Yahoo News:
"Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, the company's largest shareholder, was sitting in the audience next to Rev. Jesse Jackson, who was given the stage to read remarks asking Microsoft to do a better job hiring minorities.
Jackson isn't targeting only Microsoft. He's been out giving speeching imploring the tech industry to up its hiring of minorities, including a talk on Tuesday at the University of Washington, reports Geekwire.
It's not an accident that he was talking about this.    
Last month, Jackson also wrote two open letters to Apple and Tim Cook on the topic. And his Rainbow coalition has been successful at getting many big tech companies to release diversity data, Microsoft included.
When it comes to that diversity data, Microsoft, with over 100,000 employee in 190 countries, is pretty typical of the tech industry: Overall its workforce is made up of 71% men and 29% women; they are 60% white, 29% Asian and 11% other races. In technical roles, 83% are men to 17% women, with 57% of them white and 35% Asian. As far as leadership roles, 83% of those roles are held by men and 72% are white."
When powerful, intelligent leaders of industry have to dance to the tune of talentless hucksters like Jesse Jackson who contribute nothing to society, something is very wrong.

Maybe Rev Jackson should be out encouraging education and abiding by the law to his people so there are more qualified blacks for positions in industries where they are under represented. Affirmative Action has proved a gigantic failure. Go to any state or federal government office and try and do business and see what you have to deal with. The tech industry is no place for Jackson's brand of forced placement or advancement with little or no merit, and only because of you're the not of a certain race.

Experience or ethnicity doesn't seem to bother the good reverend when it comes to black dominated entities like professional sports or some media where blacks are over represents as a percentage of population.  But then again, his binders are pulled tightly from such things.....