Monday, August 17, 2015

If I Were a Democrat.......

......I don't think I would feel very good about prospects for the future. Their ambitious support at all cost for a President they hoped would be their Ronald Regan has faded. The one who was once believed to be their savior and usher in a 40 year reign of democrat dominance has failed as a leader. He instead disgraced the office. He has divided the country with his arrogance and torn it open at the seams. He's done very little for his own black supporters besides giving lip service, fomenting their anger and increase their despair. Our foreign allies don't trust us and our enemies fear us not. Under his lack of leadership we are becoming a second rate appeasing power to the greatest threat to civilization since World War 2. 

And now what do democrats see lying ahead for them? Their increasingly unpopular leading candidate and standard bearer for 2016 faces scandalous allegations in the media and federal investigations that could possibly lead to indictment, all while telling the world it's her turn.  

And they see to her left a wild haired socialist leftover from the sixties with a northeastern accent preaching against the very system that made this country the envy of the world. A wing-nut independent with an outside chance to go down in flames while grasping the democrat banner.

And as the democrat looks up from their increasing Obamacare premium notices they see a resurgent opposing party, one at the present being led by a candidate with one of the most recognizable names in the the world. A man who speaks frankly and unafraid, who is stirring up the political conversation. And standing not far away, a line of potential leaders that include Hispanic, Black and Female, sons of immigrants, skilled professionals and experienced business leaders. No, this can't be!

Valiantly polishing the turd known as the Obama presidency and his failed legacy, or the want-to-be coming down the shoot, is not a good place to be. Truth be told, history is not shown the electorate very kind to parties who preside over such leadership as abhorrent to their beliefs and freedoms as the last seven years. 

And as Barack and family prepare to retire to a luxurious life of leisure in the relative safety of the Hawaiian Islands, you can hang on to your glorious machinations of Obama's greatness as you watch with envy as much smarter people are elected to solve the problems of rampant border violations, the increasing cost of living and the racially charged streets of America he left us with.  

No, if I were a democrat, I'm sure I would hang my head.....and probably drink a lot.