Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Irony of Steve Wozniak

There was once a very bright young man who hit on an idea of making something useful. He put his mind together with all the opportunities available to Americans and the entrepreneurial spirit that made the nation the technology envy of the world.

A long with a few friends he helped create a revolution. Years later he was to make a deal with another young wiz kid who made software and also took advantage of America's generous capitalistic system. Both went on to become very very wealth. And all without government help or interference. He lived the American dream we all wish for.  But I guess money can change your feelings about how you see the world, and you can lose sight and perspective of how you got there. 

Having a free hand to do as he wished, start a company in a free economy, and help change the world in ways he could not have imagined, I find an irony in the fact this young man, now grown and extremely fortunate because of his successes sees a twisted anti-capitalist political philosophy and America's foremost wingnut advocate of such, in any way inviting......
Apple's co-founder, the man credited with actually building the early Apple computers by hand, has come out in favor of renegade Democrat and socialist candidate Bernie Sanders.
Steve Wozniak took to Twitter to denounce Republicans and Democrats and then used the hashtag popular with Sanders supporters, #FeelTheBern:
I'm thinking it's maybe the result of to many Grateful Dead concerts over the years.....