Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Best of The Clinton Email

Monday brought us another end-of-month dump of 7000 Clinton emails from the State Department, and the most important things we've learned so far from this carefully selected batch are: she likes The Good Wife and Parks and Recreation, she wrote the goofiest diplomatic email heading/message in history, and everyone says John Boehner’s a drunk.

Gefilte Fish? That’s almost certainly some kind of term of endearment or code for her boss, the Commander and Chief. 

Then there’s this breakdown of strategy for the 2010 midterm elections sent to Hillary by longtime Clinton toadie Sidney Blumenthal and his rather amusing assessment of a drunken John Boehner’s standing among his GOP peers, which is mostly that he serves as a pissing target:

Poor Mr. Speaker. “He is louche, alcoholic, lazy, and without any commitment to any principle” and also “careworn and threadbare, banal and hollow, holding nobody’s enduring loyalty. Who said Repubs and Dems can't agree on anything? 

That said, plenty of evidence has come to light in the past months, making it long past time for a Hillary Frog March straight to jail....and this might just do her campaign in.