Thursday, May 10, 2012

Funny Pics from the Obama 2012 Campaign Site.

The following photos are taken directly from the official, authorized Obama for America reelection campaign website and Facebook pages. These are some of the pictures that team Obama hand-picked.
Whoa there big fella, it's called a G.E.D!

“Obama 2012: A pink flamingo in every pot.”

Remind me not to visit the Castro Street Foot Locker.


Chicago Jesus Rules

I’m sure this Mr. Chang, whoever he is, is a hell of a guy. 
But let's stay on topic here.

If this poor dog could shoot lasers out of its eyes, 
this woman would be a briquette.

When you’re gay and lesbian and bisexual and trans-gendered, apparently all at the same time, it’s so hard finding a candidate who can address your concerns and reflect your values.

There’s an old showbiz adage about exiting on a laugh, but I think I’ll do the opposite, and exit on something that’s not even remotely funny. Obama for America chose to feature this picture on its official Ohio Facebook page, championing a symbol of the oppression of women throughout the Muslim world. Oh, but explain to me again how it’s the Republicans who are waging a “war against women.”

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