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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

NPR: Temperature Be Racist

The data are not wrong, but it’s for reasons anyone with a basic understanding of nature can understand. It has nothing to do with race, but if you’re today’s media, everything has to be about race. So leave it to your taxpayer subsidized National Public Radio (NPR) to tout a report that says it tends to be hotter where minorities live.

So take it away, NPR:
"Across Baltimore, the hottest areas tend to be the poorest and that pattern is not unusual. In dozens of major U.S. cities, low-income neighborhoods are more likely to be hotter than their wealthier counterparts, according to a joint investigation by NPR and the University of Maryland’s Howard Center for Investigative Journalism. 
Those exposed to that extra heat are often a city’s most vulnerable: the poorest and, our data show, disproportionately people of color...."
For all the attention NPR pays in its lead paragraphs to race and income levels, you have to read far into the story to find that NPR knows the real cause of the temperature disparities. It’s something anyone who has ever lived in a city of any size knows very well. It's called concrete and steel!!!

None of this is new or surprising. It’s hotter in cities than it is in suburbs. It always has been. And NPR didn’t just find this out when it decided to do this “study.” Instead, it’s clear what NPR did was take a temperature disparity that’s already well known and see if it could turn it into a racial story by matching up the temperature differences with race and income differences.

It was not too much of a stretch to guess that the disparities would overlay each other, even if it’s obvious that the one is not the cause of the other. And just like that, one more thing that has nothing to do with race is made to be about race by a media obsessed with the subject. Now you know. Even the temperature is racist.

I eagerly await the woke left’s attempts to figure out how to boycott it and shame it out of acceptable society.

~ Thank You WHATFINGER NEWS & MJA@IOTWReport for the Linkage! ~

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

I Have To Admit, I'm Really Enjoying Watching All These Creepy Uppity Leftist Get Eaten By Their Own

The Washington Post media reporter Paul Farhi broke the news on Tuesday that NPR senior vice president for news Michael Oreskes was accused of inappropriately kissing two women on the lips while discussing job prospects in a previous job as Washington bureau chief at The New York Times. NPR suspended Oreskes.  Then NPR media reporter David Folkenflik added an internal NPR accusation from 2015 on Tuesday night’s 'All Things Considered' radio program. This morning NPR president Jarl Mohn said he asked for Oreskes to resign “because of his inappropriate behavior.” 

This accusation from 2015 is certainly embarrassing to say the least for NPR considering they took so much pride in being in the forefront of pushing the unsubstantiated sexual-harassment charges of Anita Hill against black conservative Judge Clarence Thomas in 1991 when it looked like he would be comfortably confirmed to the Supreme Court.  On top of that, Jill Abramson, a prominent NY Times reporter in the Hill-Thomas hearings who also wrote a book on the attempted media lynching of Thomas was fully aware of Oreskes' actions while at the Times, but chose to remain silent. So much for feminist advocacy, eh?

The left continues to expose itself (pun intended) as the hypocrites we have always known they are, while by the light of the fire they join in on an orgy of eating their own. Meanwhile, better make some more popcorn......