Thursday, February 1, 2024

Your Obligatory Black History Month Post

Yes my beloved readers, it's that time again. Time to be bombarded on the vision tube with short commercial interludes, moments informing us of about obscure Black History and heroic figures like Osborne D. Washington, (1849-1920) the blind freed slave that invented the left handed spatial rivet giggler, without which the modern skyscraper would not be possible. Thanks O.D.W!

It's also time the media dawns their african beads and present us in-depth specials of stories of Black History. You know, like NPR interviewing the editors of race obsessed media outlets to give us their stories of obscure history (intentionally hidden from them) like the black archeologist Jackson Lee Jefferson who, while digging for sand clams in the Egyptian desert in 1912, found hieroglyphics near the pyramid field that once translated, included the words "Mercedes Benz", proving beyond doubt the ancient Egyptians invented the automobile. Jackson Lee Jefferson mysteriously disappeared soon after his discovery. February is always a good time for the crazies to get their 15 minutes.

So without further ado....let's do this and get it over with. 
Great Moments in Black History

A young Barry Soetoro, after missing the ball on the 3rd strike, turns to
the umpire and announces he is changing the rules.

Little Barry's continuing failure to hit the ball proved to be a preview of
much bigger failure in the future. 

Note: Eventually, Barry grew up, changed his name and played with other balls.


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