Friday, July 5, 2024

Squinty Scarborough's Mind has Been Changed.

Squinty Scarborough Returns after a Short Absence 

Who got to Squinty Joe Scarborough?  Last Friday, the very next day after Biden's debate debacle, Squinty Scarborough strongly suggested that Biden needed to quit, pronto.

Now, after a four day of unexplained absence from 'The Squinty & Meat Puppet in the Morning" kick off of MSNBC's daily TDS programing extravaganzaBiden's favorite pundit and phone pal, Squinty Joe, has changed his tune. He seemed different and has now drastically changed his perspective.

On tuesday's Morning Joe, he stressed that Democrats shouldn't rush into a decision: "it's only July 5th!", he repeatedly exclaimed. Scarborough engaged in some revisionist history in positioning himself as the sage who never suggested Biden immediately quit.  Scarborough now claims that last week, he said that "we needed to give it time. Needed to see what's going to happen.

A likely possibility: Scarborough has been bragging about his close access to Biden, even supposedly spending hours at a time with him. Message from the campaign: Joe, if you ever want to get within shouting distance of Biden again, change your tune—now!—on him quitting. We'll be watching today. And Scarborough delivered. I guess a gentle nudge was all that was needed.

So back to our opening question: who got to Joe Scarborough? And what leverage did they use on him?

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