Monday, July 8, 2024

You Racist Quit Hogging All the Trees!

Six-figure Equity Tree Huggers

The city of Seattle is paying a six-figure salary, $60 to $83 an hour for a "Tree Equity Initiative Manager" who  “must play a role in ending institutional and structural racism,” according to KTTH host Jason Rantz. 

The Tree Equity movement is part of a tapestry of contrived social justice causes pursued by Progressive activists seeking hero status. It fits under the umbrella cause of “environmental racism.” This movement attempts to more evenly distribute trees to underserved communities. The lack of tree canopies and green space in black, Asian and Latino-majority communities is due to institutional racism, according to progressives.


I guess now that the mythical secret "Alliance to Deny Trees to Them Colored People" has been exposed, antifa will now consider whether it will take to the streets and destroy parts of Seattle or not.

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