Monday, July 1, 2024

This is Exactly How Ridiculous Democrats Sound Right Now. They are not Coping Well.

 SCOTUS: You can’t just throw your rival in prison because you don’t like him.

DEMOCRATS: So you’re saying we can drop bombs on him? SCOTUS: You really can’t even charge your rival with a crime because his presidency made you mad. DEMOCRATS: Got it. So we can incinerate his house with him in it? SCOTUS: The Constitution protects officials from being terrorized with lawfare for official actions they undertook while in office. DEMOCRATS: Ah. Makes sense. So we can officially assassinate everyone we don’t like? SCOTUS: Prosecuting a politician because you don’t like his politics would destroy our country, and we’re not going to allow it. DEMOCRATS: Roger that. So what you’re saying is: we are officially allowed to eliminate Trump and the Supreme Court as long as we, like, say it’s official and stuff?


~ Thank You Larwyn's Linx@ Doug Ross Journal for the Linkage! ~

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