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Pompus Pretenders Call for Massive Strike to Punish Their Fictional Version of President

Dozens of artists, entertainers, and activists including the usual suspects like Rosie O’Donnell, Debra Messing, Ed Asner and Michael Shannon have attached their names to an effort calling for a month-long protest to stop President-elect Donald Trump. “No! In the Name of Humanity We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America!” reads a full-page ad placed in the New York Times last week by the group Refuse Racism. "Donald Trump, the President-elect, is assembling a regime of grave danger," the ad says. 
"Millions of people in the US and around the world are filled with deep anxiety, fear and disgust. Our anguish is right and just. Our anger must now become massive resistance – before Donald Trump is inaugurated and has the full reins of power in his hands."
Other Hollywood celebrities who have also joined the campaign are calling for an all-out strike that would span the entire movie industry in the hopes that such a move would urge the President-elect to resign from his position as the newly elected President of the United States.  A spokespeople for the Refuse Racism group told The New York Times: 
"We’re calling for a general strike that would include every single person involved in making motion pictures in Hollywood, starting with the actors and celebrities themselves and encompassing companies in charge of making props, movie memorabilia and even souvenir shops,”   “It’s about time people understood that we’re the ones with the power and that the president is there to serve us, not the other way around."
Asked to elaborate on why the group is targeting Hollywood out of all the industries in the country as their bargaining chip, the spokesperson argued that:
“Simply put, Hollywood is the base of the entire modern American culture. It is the foundation of the country, so to speak, the glue that’s holding it together. And think about what happens when you destroy the foundation of a house. It comes crashing down, right? Well, that’s exactly what’s going to happen to America unless Donald Trump realizes how real the danger of that actually is, and chooses to step down as President of his own free will. And while we’re on the subject, between you and me – nobody wants Hollywood to stop doing its thing, but this is a necessary move."
“Besides, it’s not like the billionaire-businessman-turned-president hasn’t ventured into movies in his day, right? So, he’ll understand firsthand what’s going to happen if Hollywood goes to strike. Without the work of Hollywood and the lifestyle promoted by it, there will literally be no more America to rule for Trump. So, in effect, it’s not us that are going to force Donald Trump to resign his office; it’s the people of America who are going to make him do it, because the God’s honest truth is – without Hollywood, there is no America. It’s like trying to run Nazi Germany without Hitler at the forefront – it just becomes pointless,”
"Without Hollywood, there is no America." ?????
In case anyone has any debt what so every that these pompous self-absorbed celebrities who make a living pretending to be someone else, feigning class they don't possess, travel with armed personal bodyguards and live in gated mansions far away from real life have any idea what America is all about, this should put those doubts to rest. And they should remember, strikes and boycotts can cut both ways.......   

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What's the Most Obvious Thing To Do By Our Most Vacationed President and First Lady After Relinquishing Office........Take Another Vacation Of Course

One Last Ride Out of Town Aboard Air Force One

It's literally one of the biggest perks of being President of the United States: Air Force One. The White House announced Barky's trip to Chicago for his farewell speech, and the subsequent return to Washington will be his final flights on AF1 as POTUS. But he gets one more complimentary ride after January 20th, as press secretary Josh Earnest told the White House press corps Monday afternoon:
“It is obviously tradition for the former president to take one last flight aboard the Presidential aircraft at the conclusion of the Inauguration.”
George W. Bush departing Washington on Marine One, on his way to AF One
at Andrews AFB for the flight home to Crawford Tex. after Obama was
sworn-in as President: Inauguration Day, January 2009
Obama, too, will get a lift on Marine One to Air Force One on that final day of his presidency. But unlike the Bush family, who were transported to their ranch in Texas, the Obamas who took numerous lavish vacations every year and just returned from two weeks in Hawaii, are headed straight for another vacation, using our freakin' plane. 

Yeah, been a couple of tuff weeks with all that goodbye partying and stuff. 
“That's certainly what I would anticipate, yes. The president and first lady will be leaving town shortly after the Inaugural Ceremony. But they will return, of course, to their rented house in Washington, D.C.”
No official word where exactly the former first duo will be headed, but Obama told Oprah Winfrey during an interview last month that he was going to take Michelle on a trip to a less wintry locale.  The People's Paradise of Cuba maybe?
“We're going someplace warm. See ya.”
And he'll get to take Air Force One, a Boeing 747-200B series airplane, a massive, customized plane with more than 4,000 square feet of space and three levels. It can be refueled in mid-air, which means it can stay up as long as need be.  He told Ellen DeGeneres when he went on her show last February that he "doesn't miss flying commercial, taking your shoes off and all that.”

Might want to get used to it Barky. Come January 21st you and Mooch aren't royalty anymore and vacationing on America's dime. Just regular old folks like the rest of us. 

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If the headline sounds insane, that’s because it is. Modern day Progressives have always been crazy, but the election of Donald Trump has exposed their madness in an epic way. An editor for Think Progress is so traumatized by the President-elect that he’s having paranoid delusions that his plumber is a Nazi capable of extreme anti-Semitic violence. This is going to be a rough 4 and maybe 8 years for the left. 

Ned Resnikoff is a senior editor at liberal shitpile Think Progress. Recently he this on social media:
"I Wanted to share an experience from earlier today. This afternoon, I had plumber over to my apartment to fix a clogged drain. He was a perfectly nice guy and a consummate professional. But he was also a middle-aged white man with a southern accent who seemed unperturbed by this week’s news." 
"And while I had him in the apartment, I couldn’t stop thinking about whether he had voted for Trump, whether he knew my last name was Jewish, and how that knowledge might change the interaction we were having inside my own home. I have no real reason to believe he was a Trump supporter or an anti-Semite, but in my uncertainty I couldn’t shake the sense of potential danger. I was rattled for some time after he left.  
Potential danger?  Of what, a clean running drain?
"I’m very privileged insofar as this sense of danger is unfamiliar to me. And I know I feel it much less accurately than a lot of other people right now. I’m still a straight, white guy who can phenotypically pass for gentile."
"But today was a reminder that ambiguous social interactions now feel unsafe and unpredictable in a way that they never did before. And even if Trump is gone in four years, I don’t expect to ever reclaim that feeling of security. That’s just one more thing you voted for, if you voted for him." 
Okay people, let's recap. A gainfully employed middle-aged white man with a southern accent was a nice person and did his job well, and the liberal now fears for his safety because of Donald Trump. This is both parts sad and hysterical.

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Middle Finger Symphony Theater

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US Intelligence Offers Prove The Russians Hacked Our Election Minus The Proof

For weeks Obama and the democrats have been crying that Russia hacked our presidential election to help Donald Trump win. They have cited a classified US Intelligence report as proof that Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered his spies to influence the election. Well, that report was sort of declassified today and it is underwhelming to say the least. It has everything except actually proof of anything.

According to The Hill, Vlad Putin ordered a widespread influence campaign intended to help elect Donald Trump, the Intelligence Community (IC) said in a declassified report released Friday afternoon.
"Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process, denigrate Secretary [Hillary] Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency."
"We also assess Putin and the Russian Government aspired to help President-elect Trump’s election chances when possible by discrediting Secretary Clinton and publicly contrasting her unfavorably to him."
Discrediting Hillary Clinton? That’s kind of like putting effort into showing Barack Obama is a liar. And while democrats are squealing with delight over this report, it comes with a caveat:
"While the conclusions in the report are all reflected in the classified assessment, the declassified report does not and cannot include the full supporting information, including specific intelligence and sources and methods..."
In other words, if there is any proof, you can’t see it and just have to take their word that it exists. And even if you believe this report that is completely missing the proof it claims to contain, what you are left with is the ridiculous idea that Putin risked friendly relations with the US and possibly war to show the American people that Hillary Clinton is an unlikable shithead. We already knew that.

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