Friday, October 22, 2010

The Fertile Breeding Ground of the Left

Posted by Diogenes Sarcastica

Dr. Sanity gives an insightful take on the left's new 'Protected Matter' in her piece "Floating up to the top of the left's Victimhood Heirarchy. 
"If you needed more evidence that Islam has percolated to the top of the Left's victimhood food chain--other than the fact that they can abuse women and gays with impunity and nary a word of condemnation from the left--then observe how instead of condemning this oppressive culture, the left positively trips all over themselves defending it against people like Bill O'Reilly or Juan Williams."
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  1. I discovered your site about a week ago and visit it everyday for your political humor and your short succinct points of view on various issues. When I saw your link to Dr. Sanity, who I respect and read daily, I thought I'd let you know you have a new reader.

    Tuscarora Jack

  2. Thank You very much my friend. I hope I don't disappoint.