Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Biden Unleashed on America

The Hill - Addressing the 200 people gathered at the fundraiser, Joe Biden appeared to be in his classic, convivial form, saying, "The president said, 'Look, Joe, just go be Joe.' So he let me loose." Vice President Biden has been unleashed on the campaign trail, he said Tuesday night, telling a crowd at a Chicago fundraiser "we are going to win this race.”

 "His back is against the wall. All it can do is help him," Biden continued. 

We'll be watching. Go get em, Joe!


  1. Where in the hell did you get the pic? Did you do it? It's a freaking classic! This is the best post I have seen...ANYWHERE... in a long time.
    Congrats D.S.,
    this deserves to go viral.

  2. Thanks,Will.
    A friend of mine did it for me for an older post Biden post. It is great photoshop.