Friday, September 30, 2011

The Myth of Obama

The Spin CycleBarack Obama is probably a good husband and father, and his dog probably likes him. But he isn't the "brilliant and articulate" person that his fans paint him to be. And because they worked so hard to create this false impression, this comparison is bound to keep coming up.

The "brilliant" Obama, who struggles to put five words together without the use of a script written by professional writers... verses the "very stupid" Bush, who can easily speak impromptu, even if he does pronounce a few words wrong.

The democrat left and their allies in the media created this Obama image. But it was all done with smoke and mirrors by inflating his resume and the constant repetition of telling us "how articulate" he was, when he really isn't. And now, they must defend this man whenever he speaks extemporaneously and makes the inevitable gaffs.
* Obama worked as a lawyer for a community organizing group. This was portrayed as "He was a community organizer" ... which is like saying Derek Jetter's accountant must be a great ball player.
* Obama worked as associate lecturer at a law school, occasionally teaching classes. This was transformed into "Obama was a brilliant Professor of Constitutional Law."
* Obama, being half white, and being raised by white people who sent him to the best schools, does not speak with a black dialect, or use very much street slang. This became "He is bright, articulate, and clean" (from Joe Biden). 
* Obama, who is allegedly a brilliant man, is said to have graduated from Harvard Law School where he was the Editor of the prestigious Harvard Law Review. Yet all his college records and grades are sealed. There are absolutely no articles in the Law Review written by him. Which makes him the only Editor in the 134 year history of this journal to never write an article of his own.
* Obama has tried to speak without a teleprompter, and has paid a high price every time he tried. He ends up telling us we have "57 states" or that Marines are "corpse-men" and not corpsmen." One can only imagine the ridicule Bush would have been dealt had he made similar gaffs.
Before all the Obama Zombies go ballistic, let me just say... Obama isn't a bad person, he was just WAY over-hyped. His handlers and sponsors created this "Obama Myth" and these folks fell for it. They took the bait.... hook, line and sinker, because they wanted to believe it. He simply isn't anywhere near as bright or as articulate as they want him to be. He is just a Chicago City councilman who got lucky.

Obama is the only President in our history who got schools named after him BEFORE his inauguration, and before he served one day in office.

 Obama was stunned when the Nobel Prize committee awarded him their Peace Prize before he had done anything to earn it. He even said: "I hope I will do something to earn this someday." He went on to escalate the war in Afghanistan, involved us in a war in Libya, and then pursued a "drone war" in Yemen, thereby embarrassing the Nobel Prize committee for their choice.

 Barack Obama is not an articulate man. No sensible person could say this. He mumbles and fumbles and stutters when he speaks. He needs notes or gets things very wrong. Being a marginally better speaker than GW Bush does NOT make him articulate. It just makes him a marginally better speaker than GW Bush.

We have had some Presidents who were great speakers. FDR, JFK, Reagan, and Clinton all leap to mind. Obama is not in this group. And anyone who thinks "Obama is articulate" is just too partisan to have an objective opinion on the matter. 


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