Saturday, September 24, 2011

Obama's Insidious Approach to America

Excerpts From: The The Lunatic's Asylum

If it seems to you that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing, detached when billions of gallons of oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico,  more concerned with saving the jobs of unionist who are net tax eaters rather than generators,  and obsessed with rebuilding roads and bridges after all-but-promising $7-a-gallon gasoline. If he seems overly preoccupied with the technicalities of rule and legislation rather than with the nuts-and-bolts of it all, or to give an empty speech in front of a hand-picked audience of rabid supporters rather than elaborate on meaningful subject and issues, then here, perhaps, is your answer: Barack Obama knows exactly what he's doing.
I once thought Barack Obama was just unqualified and ill-suited by experience and viewpoint from holding the highest office in the land,  simply yet another in a long line of democrat party cardboard cutouts who have repeated the same Socialist boilerplate for fifty years, only in a better suit and with better speech writers. The stuff about turning back the rising tides, and bringing peace, brotherhood, and a chicken in every pot was just the sort of thing you'd expect a liberal politician to say. His mantra of Hope and Change was simply a recycling of every political bromide ever uttered since the days of Julius Caesar. Barack Obama, I thought, was always a creation of the Media; just someone with an interesting biography (that someone else wrote for him), or who gave a good speech (written by someone else) who would either grow into the job, by being constrained by cooler heads in Congress or the realities of the Constitutional System.

I was wrong.  
Barack Obama, a recipient of Affirmative Action, educated in the Elite schools, politically-connected, who made his previous livings either sucking off the teat of the taxpayer or being paid to do work of no real economic value or benefit to others (Harvard Law Review), and paid for by the fruits of Capitalism, is doing irreparable harm to America. Obama is not a Socialist as we would generally understand the term. It's much more insidious than that.

There is no other way to explain Obama and his policies other than to conclude that it's all been deliberate, and that the deliberation has some ultimate purpose that goes beyond the shallow argument of Capitalism vs. Socialism.

It explains Healthcare over Economy, the bombast of "Pass the Bill" when there is, in fact, no such Bill -- in any written form -- to pass.  It goes a long way to identifying the two Obamas; the one who can appear to be so caring and concerned,  a man who claims to be above petty, partisan politics, but then goes out and creates a vast and complex political theater around his morning dump; accusing, pointing fingers, sneering, dismissive and condescending. It explains how a man can, with a straight face decry crony capitalism as destructive to a fair and equitable society one day and then the next get his cronies (allegedly) a $535 million government-backed loan guarantee which leaves them whole in the event of a bankruptcy your own advisers said was coming.
It explains why he keeps a tax cheat as your Secretary of the Treasury, an Attorney General who cares not about voter intimidation, the appointments of  a plethora of 'Czars' who operate extra-Constitutionally to oversee and reorder the economic system, plays golf during an earthquake or bask in the summer sun as citizens are flooded out of their homes. Why he bails out GM and Chrysler to keep the union money and votes coming at the same time as he attaches the string that they pay back the loan while creating Federally-mandated products for which there is no market. It's how you get an Economic Competitiveness Council in which the Chief Appointee is someone infamous for maximizing his company's profit by offshoring everything in sight, avoiding taxes on it all legally, and then appealing to the Treasury for a bailout of his own. It explains the dictatorial approach to American's right to privacy and free speech.
You have to assume that these things can only happen if Obama is anything but stupid or insane, which  means the impetus must go much deeper than just money or electoral advantage.

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  1. Hope your Taxes are paid up......

  2. Dead on target, my man. Dead on!

  3. Excellent post and spot on. It's getting harder for even the most gushy cons to pretend that BO's "not a Marxist" or "not a socialist" (even CK is calling him a a "social democrat" now). But he's none of that. It's definitely much more insidious and dangerous than that.

  4. NIHILISM is the name of the game.

    Read Dostoevsky's "The Possessed" (alternative title: "Devils"). It gives lots of insights into the kind of people who have seized control of this country.