Friday, September 16, 2011

Primary Challenge?

As I predicted in an early post Yep...I Still Think Pantsuit is Gonna Run, I said if  Obama remains as inept on economic issues as he had been previously, Hillary Clinton waits in the wings. Looking like her chances are increasing daily if she challenges the President in the primaries now.

From Bloomberg:Clinton Popularity Prompts Buyer’s Remorse 
The most popular national political figure in America today is one who was rejected by her own party three years ago: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
Nearly two-thirds of Americans hold a favorable view of her and one-third are suffering a form of buyer's remorse, saying the U.S. would be better off now if she had become president in 2008 instead of Barack Obama. 
The finding in the latest Bloomberg National Poll shows a higher level of wishful thinking about a Hillary Clinton presidency than when a similar question was asked in July 2010. Then, a quarter of Americans held such a view. 
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  1. Nope. Disagree with on this one my friend. She was an unpopular first lady ie: Nationalized Health Care. She was a do nothing Senator ie: she once bought a hot dog from a New York City street vendor and that was enough to fulfill her residency requirement to run for the Senate. She back doored her way into the Sec of State position by dropping her 2008 presidential aspirations.
    Lefty's might bemoan their wish that maybe they should have voted for her, BUT the Dems can't afford the fracture a primary would cause. They are doomed if they do, and doomed if they don't. They have f***** themselves with Obama and they will f*** themselves into a deeper hole with a Dem Primary.
    Not gonna happen.