Monday, February 20, 2012

He's Back....

After a long absence, one of the more unique thinkers blogs I have come across has returned to writing. Those unfamiliar with Self Evident Truths should surely check out what Euripides has to say about the goings on of today.

"After a long hiatus, I've decided to return to the blogosphere, if for no other reason, than to clarify all the thoughts that keep company with my brain. I expect that most of my readers have long given up on me and that my writing will go unnoticed. Yet, I still find the direction of politics and society in general quite disturbing, and I wish to contribute what I can to clarify and promote those ideals which lead us to choose better paths."
 "I have little desire anymore to blog about the general news (usually bad) or to address every silly whim promoted by society (also usually bad). Instead, I wish to write about such unpopular subjects as morals, ethics, absolutes, and the lessons that I've learned. To leftists, yes, I'm still the bigoted, homophobic, racist, misogynist, H8er that you think I am. To the rest of the world, I'm just a guy with some ideas about how to live a better life than to give in to the sophistic relativism and specious reasoning that plagued the pre-Socratic Greeks and which plague today's modern society."
 "Thank you all for finding my blog and for those who have stuck by me over the years."
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