Monday, November 19, 2012

A Petition To End The White House Petition Website

Lonely Conservative

"Shut down White House petitions, since they never get a sincere response, few read them, & they are ultimately worthless
Since the White House never actually responds to any petitions in sincerity (like letting the one man whose job it is to oppose marijuana to respond to the marijuana legalization initiative, or having the head of the TSA respond to why we can’t de-fund the TSA) we should immediately de-fund and dismantle the White House petition website.
In recent days it has become a mockery with petitions for secession from almost every state, and cities wishing to de-secede in such events.
We ask Barack Obama to admit that this is a mockery of democratic process and immediately dissolve this joke of a website."
But to the White House it’s not a joke, as William Teach pointed out.
"There are two points to the petition website: first is to tell people how super duper awesome Obama is. The second is to capture emails from liberals AND conservatives and send them thinly veiled campaign messages."

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