Monday, December 17, 2012

Meet your next Secretary of State

via Talk Straight
“He’s old. He’s white. He’s clearly a member of the ‘evil 1%’. He doesn’t pay his taxes. He admits to taking part in war atrocities. He committed treasonous acts and also admits breaking the law by meeting with Viet Cong leaders. His ‘Vietnam Veterans Winter Soldier Investigation’ was later exposed as a total fraud.
“He wore fake medals while testifying before Congress. And, based on this photo, he’s clearly a ‘gun nut’. But he’s a liberal…so there’s nothing to see here. Meet your next Secretary of State, John Kerry.”


  1. Best comment I have seen on this subject. This is from Junius over at Weasel Zippers. Now if only the republican senate had a pair of balls amongst the whole f'king lot of them.

    Junius • 2 days ago −

    I applaud this choice. This is another test for the Republicans in the Senate who are charged with protecting and defending the constitution, keeping safe our liberties, and keeping safe our country from the enemies within who seek to destroy us. John Kerry is a traitor, a gigolo communist who supports imposing a totalitarian regime over us, so let’s see how the Republican Senators treat this nomination. Demand to see his military records, his treasonous dealings with the North Vietnamese, his tax records, his statements accusing our great military of being murderers and barbarians, and his voting record in the Senate and then let’s see if all Republican Senators, repeat all, vote against his nomination. That means you too John McCain, you doddering old fool.

    I am betting that once again the Republicans prove they are no longer a representative party for the people who vote for them.

    As a Vietnam Vet my own personal opinion of John F'king sKerry.

    Line him and the traitorous Hanoi Jane F'king Fonda up back to back and execute them with the same f'king FMJ bullet! Make sure Jane is the one facing the gun though.

  2. Technical observation of the Kerry photo. Kerry has his finger on the trigger. You never put your finger on the trigger until the moment before you plan to pull the trigger on your intended target. Since Kerry is not looking downrange and is not engaged in sighting in his target, he is violating one of the cardinal rules of shooting.

    1. Robert, that's probably how he wounded himself and got one of those Purple Hearts.......

  3. Just saw a pic of Frankenfeinstein with her finger on the trigger too. Must be why they're scared of us with guns. Think everybody is as f*%king stupid as they are.