Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Saddest Result of Our “Progressive Society"

"Between the Zero Tolerance Nazis who jump at the chance to punish a child for even remotely pretending to play “Cops and Robbers;” and the vile excuses for “progressive and open minded thinkers,” who demonize the fetus as a burden then make sexual objects out of any child over the age of five: We have destroyed all vestige of childlike innocence.
 We drug them up to shut them up; simultaneously taking away their natural instincts because we would rather wrap them in the rainbow colored chains of political correctness than “subject them to imposed gender roles.”
 Then, we have the gall to wonder why they are stabbing each other for shoes, shooting toddlers in prams, screaming hatefully at all adults in public and cutting themselves secretly. We did this to them."
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