Monday, May 6, 2013

Denouncing Cheeseburgers on Behalf of the Planet


"Liberal columnist David Sirota’s high hopes that the Boston Marathon bombers would turn out to be normal Americans rather than Muslims were dashed.

Now he has a new hope: that the planet can be saved by the prevention of eating cheeseburgers. It is never easy to tell with elite intellectuals, but he seems to be serious:


  1. You need to watch a video made my James Burke in 1989. It's called After the Warming. The first part is all about the history of the planet warming and cooling all on its own. (Which kind of destroys the thesis of the 2nd part.) The second part discusses what was done between 2000-2050 to "stop the warming."

    One of the things done was to make beef so outrageously expensive only very wealthy people eat it. In other words, the socialist elite, though Mr. Burke would not call them that.

    I suggest you view it. Everything he talks about is being implemented right now. Carbon credits? You know, all of us bad, horrible, wicked, and evil carbon producers (the U.S. and nobody else) will have to exchange money or goods and services with another country that has lots of carbon credit. We have next to none because we're bad, horrible, etc. Yes. That is in this video and the UN wants to implement that now. He also shows some advertisements to shame people into accepting their new miserable socialist plight. He doesn't say that, I do, because that's where it's headed.

    Find out what they want to do to you.

  2. I will give up my cheeseburgers only when they pry them from my cold, dead hands.