Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Eric Holder Vows to Protect Muslims from Backlash

by Denise McAllister

Our stalwart Attorney General is fired up and determined to protect America no matter what it takes. He’s using every resource, employing every tactic, working from sunup to sundown to hunt down radical Islamists hiding in the shadows of our great country. He’s not going to let murderers obsessed with killing innocents in the name of Jihad take another American life, not under his watch. No Sir!

During his speech to the Anti-Defamation League Centennial Summit Monday, Eric Holder dispassionately said that he is “determined to hold accountable, to the fullest extent of the law, all of those who were responsible for this attack . . . we will pursue relentlessly anyone who would target our people or attempt to terrorize our cities.”

And then he launched into the subject he’s really passionate about—maligning the American people for being a bunch of bigots prone to backlash and hate crimes:
"The Justice Department is firmly committed to protecting innocent people against misguided acts of retaliation.  Only by forging close bonds  can we ensure the safety – and the civil rights – of everyone in this country who may be targeted simply because of who they are, how they look, or what they believe. And only by taking action to address discrimination and preserve religious liberty can we extend these rights to every individual or community of faith whose freedoms – or lives – are threatened......"
This is how we will honor the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. Let us strive to confront ignorance with information. This is how we will strengthen the American family. And let us promote understanding, encourage open dialogue, and divert suspicious or prejudiced gazes with outstretched hands. This is how we will overcome adversity, and transform today’s pain into tomorrow’s progress.
Together, we can move this country toward the day when being or appearing Jewish, Muslim, Arab, black, gay, – or part of any other group, real or perceived – will not mean accepting a higher risk of becoming a victim of discrimination.
Such a day has not yet arrived. It has not......."
This is how we honor the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings?  Confronting ignorance with information? Promoting understanding, encouraging dialogue, and diverting prejudice with outstretched hands?

What is this, a university workshop on diversity? We're in a war here (undeclared or not)! The last thing we need is impotent progressive drivel.

The best way we can honor the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings isn’t by reaching our hands out so they can get blown off, but by keeping people that are prone to do things like this out of the country and hunting down the cowards who do things like this and making sure they never do it again.  

"My friends, what we are seeing in this country today is the glorious results of affirmation action programs" - Diogenes

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  1. Jan, your comment hits the nail on the head.

    Holder I have one thing to say to you.

    We will never forget that you had a hand in Americans dying in FAST & FURIOUS.