Saturday, July 6, 2013

Damn the Torpedoes...Full Speed Ahead

Seems the wealthy One Percenters , regardless of their position in government, don't like their holidays interrupted. John Kerry is no exception. Those CBS guys hanging out at Nantucket Sound taking pictures of butterflies or stuff just happened to find our Secretary of State at play while their allies, the Muslim Brotha Hoods was taking it on the nose. Initially the State Dept denied Kerry was out of pocket, but hey, that's not the first time they've lied to us, now is it.....

Naked DC
"I seem to recall, back in the early days of the 2012 elections, this unbelievable outpouring of anger towards Mitt Romney because the blueprints for his La Jolla beach-front home had a garage with a car elevator, even though Mitt Romney never claimed he would be playing around on it, moving his Cadillacs up and down while major foreign policy crisis were threatening to engulf the stability of a major world region. Regardless, being rich is probably stupid and makes you do douchebaggy things, like forget to tip a waitress on your Ace of Spades, and completely disqualifies you from holding higher office. And the reason that’s probably an idiomatic campaign idea is because people like John Kerry do, indeed, spend major holidays puttering around on their hundred-thousand-dollar boats and phoning into their jobs from secure cell phone lines. He tried to deny it, but turns out iPhones do have pretty good telephoto capabilities.  
"John Kerry’s spokesman has admitted the Secretary of State did go sailing off Nantucket as the Egyptian President was ousted from power after pictures emerged of him out on the water on July 4. The Secretary of State had been criticized yesterday for taking a vacation with his family at his holiday home in Nantucket, as Egypt plunged into crisis. New pictures of Mr Kerry on a kayak and a boat in Nantucket Sound on July 4 have surfaced after his spokesman had forcefully denied he went sailing after an earlier photo was posted to Twitter....." 
There’s probably a good explanation for all this. After all, we did spend all that money on Barack’s African vacation. It’s hard to imagine there was any room in Marine One’s line item budget to fly the Secretary of State back from New England for a military coup. And you just don’t mess with John Kerry’s vacation time.  
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  1. It's ok when liberal parasites go on vacation. When conservatives do it, they're viewed as greedy.

    I don't begrudge Kerry a sail on the yacht that his wife bought for him. She never seems to hang with him. I wonder if she's tired of her boy toy?

  2. I don't care if Kerry goes for a sail. I actually wish he would sail off into the sunset permanently. However, I do care when the State Department lies about it. What is goes to prove is that this administration is so corrupt that the only time they will tell the truth is if they can't think of a convenient lie.

  3. No matter how you slice it John F'king sKerry is a damn TRAITOR and should have never ever been elected a senator or moved to the higher office of Sec State. As a Vietnam Vet I'd rather see as LL said, John F'king sKerry sail off into the sunset and never set foot on America soil again. If we'd have had someone in our incompetent government with some BALLS back in 1972 this POS and Jane F'king Fonda would both still be in prison.

  4. Sorry it was Eugene that said sail off into the sunset to never return. The subject of John F'king sKerry always makes me think of Jane F'king Fonda and I really, really, really get pissed off.