Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Obongo Gives Dems Cover for 2014 Mid-Terms

Doing anything to capture the House of Representatives, and thus control all the branches of government, the administrations newsiest slight-of-hand act has come out to help cover the Democrats asses until after the 2014 election, delaying the other shoe falling on business and the public with heathcare mandate cost and  high insurance premiums they seek to hide.

"The government will postpone enforcement of the so-called employer mandate until 2015, the administration said today. Under the provision, companies with 50 or more workers face a fine of as much as $3,000 per employee if they don’t offer affordable insurance.
The move addresses complaints from employer groups to President Barack Obama’s administration about the burden of the law’s reporting requirements. The decision pushes the issue past the 2014 midterm congressional elections, as Republicans have sought to make the health law a symbol of government overreach....."
Now that's what I call convenient. Pull the wool over their eyes for a while and by the time they see again, we will all ready have our hand in your pocket.
"Two Obama administration officials, who discussed the move before the announcement on condition that they not be identified, said the administration decided to wait until 2015 before enforcing the employer mandate in order to simplify reporting requirements and give businesses more time to adjust their health-care coverage." 
Translation: we cover our asses.

and this from The Washington Post: 
"The decision by Obama, who was on Air Force One returning from Africa on Tuesday when the announcement was made, to delay a controversial part of the law underscores his willingness to use the power of the executive branch to help to protect the legislation’s image at a defining moment......"
Republicans say they expect dysfunction and higher costs as a result of the law. House Speaker John A. Boehner (Ohio) said the announcement “means even the Obama administration knows the ‘train wreck’ will only get worse.” He added, “This is a clear acknowledgment that the law is unworkable.
Which cup is the ball under now?


  1. F***ing slimy bastards. And that's being kind.

  2. So after the congress passes and the prez signs a bill so it becomes law, the prez can unilaterally decide that it doesn't matter?

    What else is he going to unilaterally repeal?