Monday, July 1, 2013

To the Esteemed Readers of DMF.............

The regular readers of DMF/MFNS (and may I take this opportunity to Thank You all ) may have noticed slight changes to the eye, but in actuality, major changes under the hood lately. The reason is two fold: (1) to make the job of posting easier and less time consuming and (2) a cleaner and easier page read (and help those NSA guys be more efficient in their work)

After a long self debate whether to move the whole operation to WordPress, a day spent googling google for info as to redirect, exporting post and such, I stumbled on info I wish I'd found long ago. Mainly I speak of diddling with the blogger platform code. Stripping away some of the unnecessary widget code and other non-essential features, the platform can load faster and render content more effectively. Among others, a simple one line code change made possible an HTML and compose preview side by side for easier changes in formating a post and saving time. The WordPress thing is unfinished and on hold for the time being as I'm very pleased with the difference here so far, and probably saving me some hair follicles.

As for the visible changes, the theme has been modified slightly to make a cleaner easier on the eyes format, as well for my benefit. I do most of my postings on my 'O' So Sweet Sabayon Linux'  (I never understood why people pay Apple for something they can get totally free) and use the incredibly versatile Opera Browser set at a minimum 14 point font.  But Linux sometime renderers slightly different then Windows the MS core fonts. A small CSS tweak plus changing the font size to 14 point Arial as apposed to 16 point Georgia previously used solves the font rendering problem. The page now renders the same in Opera, Chrome, Firefox and Safari on all operating systems.

Other changes made are the slightly modified banner and page width adjustment, a redone sidebar with a fully searchable  'Archives of Diogenes', updated 'Awesome Linkage' and new page tabs have been added to the bar under the banner, but some yet to be completely updated.

This little endeavor called DMF is not something I am able to devote as much time as I wish. My hope is to make your visits here interesting and worth coming again, that I can inform, entertain and do my part to help kneecap our numbskull friends on the left while giving you chuckle or two now and then in the process.

Your comments, suggestions and helpful criticisms about the content are welcome, and I'm particularly interested in your thoughts on the font change, ya or nay. Scroll down the page and compare. Don't make me post my naked picture.... feedback is in order here people. Your conscience alone should tell you to leave a comment in the box below because if you don't you'll make me cry.


  1. I'm reserving all comment till I see your naked picture. :)

    1. Thank you for all your help, Tig, but I lied about paying for that long distant phone call. ;)

  2. Jan, I will continue to read, view and post here no matter the format. It is the content and your character that makes DMF so great..

  3. Darlin' it all looks good from here. It is a little easier on the eyes of this ol' broad. Thank Ya.

  4. Looks great to me. Of course I don't get out much.

  5. I'm with Rag, Ima waitin' for your nekked picture before I comment!