Friday, August 2, 2013

Good News. Your daughter's Lingerie is covered in back-to-school tax holiday, so her popularity won't have to suffer at all.....

Virgina back to school shoppers at retail stores statewide this weekend won't have to pay sales tax on notebooks, pens, calculators, binders and other school supplies priced up to $20.

Shoes and most clothing items priced up to $100 also are exempt, while sports equipment like cleats and gloves are not, according to the state's list of eligible items and guidelines.

Lingerie, meanwhile, is included in the list of tax-exempt items. That may be also for the benefit of moms, who will have a lot more time on her hands come first day of school.
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  1. Oh boy! Time to get my new supply of panties and bras. I'll be dressed up pretty tonight.