Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Would Ricky Maddow Kiss Your Ass for Ratings?

Everyone's favorite gender confused intellectual talking head at MSNBC is losing his ratings. Seems she, as well as his nutty comrades, are having a time keeping her drooling viewers interested with his endless droning on about leftist drivel and her never ending defense of the Commander Zero and his policies....

"MSNBC’s ratings tumble continued with a poor August showing, with some programs seeing nearly a 50-percent drop in viewership from a year ago, TV Newser reports.
Among the lowlights were the worst showings yet by its leading program The Rachel Maddow Show, with 43 percent and 47 percent drops in total viewers and the 25-54 demographic, respectively, and 40- and 42-percent drops in the same areas for The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell......"
“The Rachel Maddow Show” posted all-time low ratings in total and demo viewers, down -43% and -47%, respectively. “The Last Word” posted a low in total viewers, losing -40% of its total viewer audience and -42% of its demo audience. at 8 PM, “All In” was down -48% and -42% in total and demo viewers, respectively, placing behind CNN for the hour."
Well, after all this is the network that gave America's champion race baiter Al Sharpton camera time with a show named "Politics Nation". Seriously, Politics Nation?  What the hell is that suppose to mean? 
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