Thursday, September 5, 2013

Vlad Taunts Commander Zero

The Boy King couldn't ask for a more awkward moment to be forced to travel to Russia and face Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"An ally of Syrian leader Bashar Assad and the man who took in U.S. national security leaker Edward Snowden, Putin spent the days leading up to the arrival late this week of Obama in St. Petersburg for the G20 summit of world leaders taunting Obama and ridiculing his call for Congress to approve a military strike in Syria.
The Russian president, who Obama recently needled for acting like a “bored” schoolboy during their last one-on-one meeting, argued that an attack without the authorization of the U.N. Security Council — authorization of which he has thwarted at every turn — would amount to a violation of international law and could be seen as nothing more than “an act of aggression” on the part of the United States. 
He then once again warned against any action without U.N. Security Council authorization.
“In accordance with applicable international law, the authorization of the use of force against a sovereign state can only be given by the Security Council of the United Nations. Any other reasons, or methods, to justify the use of force against an independent and sovereign state are unacceptable and cannot be qualified as anything other than aggression.”
The Examiner


  1. The Boy King needs to be taken to the wood shed. I would feel better if we were to do it and not a Russian though.

  2. I can't decide if this is a move by the progressive/left to massage Odumbo's giant narcissistic ego or if there is a bigger world wide agenda. If it is a world wide agenda then we're screwed. Our current Military thanks to Odumbo can not handle a war against Russia, Iran and China. The American people need to rise up and march and protest against Obozo's idiotic Syrian war plan. The incompetency and amateurishness of the Odumbo regime is unbelievable.

    All of the muslim lives in the world are not worth one American Life. Ragheads killing ragheads is a win/win proposition. Let Syria be. Piss on islam and muslims. And don't say "Oh the poor children".. Those little sonsabitches grow up to be suicide bombers.