Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Grim Reality or Just as Planned??

"In another bit of grim news for the long-term prosperity of these United States, hospitals, medical practices, and related businesses are shedding jobs: 8,000 of them since April, more than in any other sector. For the year, there have been more than 41,000 layoffs at health-care firms. 
As Paul Davidson and Barbara Hansen of USA Today report, those are mostly hospital staffing reductions in response to reduced reimbursement rates for Medicare patients under the sequester and cuts for some providers under the Affordable Care Act. Private insurers, who are starting to experience a burning sensation after having gone to bed with the devil on Obamacare, are reducing payments, too." - Kevin D. Williamson, National Review


  1. "Grim Reality or Just as Planned??"

    I believe this was planned from the get-go. When Pelosi Galore got up there and said you'll have to pass it to see what's in it, that is all I needed to know.

    Obama has a dream of destroying the old capitalist America and reforming it into a socialist paradise where everyone is equally miserable. Yet there are still 40-45% or so that still think he's wonderful.

    Because of liberal education in our schools we've been taken over by lying corrupt dummies. Those on the left have thrown out God, the Ten Commandments, the Constitution, the Sanctity of Life and Prayer and now we are seeing the results of those moves. :-(