Saturday, November 2, 2013 - @MyCancellation on Twitter

by Heather Higgins
President IWV
"All those cancellations of policies people thought they had been promised they could keep... They didn't know that back in the summer of 2010 the Administration issued regulations undoing that endlessly repeated promise (if a private company attempted that, we'd call it bait & switch) and then, in September 2010, Democrats voted unanimously to ratify that redefinition.
But the millions who will be so affected deserve more than just to be part of a large number that is dismissed and forgotten.
So Independent Women's Voice has created Ask anyone you know who has received a cancellation letter to go there - ask them to submit a picture of their cancellation letter (if they don't block out personal info, we will - unlike the present administration, we actually are concerned about privacy). Even better, because each of these letters came as costly, horrific surprises to real people, is if they "put a face on it" -- include themselves in the picture."

"And if they really want to have fun - include a sign in the picture to tell the viewer what they think about this broken promise, or how much an increase they are looking at, or whatever else they want to convey.
Twitter suspended @MyCancellation (it's back up again now) shortly after its launch this afternoon, for no apparent reason, so we know someone's worried. With your help, we'll really give them something to worry about."

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