Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Short History of ‘Political Correctness’

There is a direct cause-and-effect for why one must be politically correct–or else.  It is by design and progressives (aka Marxists) own it.

The following three videos on “The History of Political Correctness” from the Free Congress Foundation about political correctness and the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory are a good introduction to those not schooled of this scourge on Liberty and Freedom. 

In the second clip we learn about Cultural Marxism and political correctness’s “most fashionable cause,” environmental activism — then the most recent “cause” embraced by Van Jones.

In the third and final clip David Horowitz ties Political Correctness into the radical movement of which he was once a part. Also see William S. Lind’s The Roots of Political Correctness, November 19, 2009, following the massacre of soldiers at Fort Hood by Major Nidal Hasan. Published in The American Conservative, Lind attempts to explain how this happened and sums up a lot of the material covered in the above video clips.

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  1. Political Correctness, the myth created by the Left that the Truth is irrelevant.