Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's Time to Beat the Left With Their Own Wet Noddle

For years, conservatives have warned of voter fraud and pushed for stricter voter identification laws. Democrats hate these efforts since cheaters, convicted felons and the deceased tend to support liberal candidates. Instead of admitting their Dig Up The Vote strategy, the Democratic Party offers a nuanced argument against voter ID advocates: “YOU'RE RACIST!!!” It’s time to turn the tables.

As you can see in the photo, the lionized founder of modern South Africa was a big fan of voter identification. Strict ID requirements are the law of the land, helping to minimize voter fraud from Cape Town to Pretoria. Mandela understood that this simple law ensures that every voter of every race can make their voice heard on election day:
"Mandela’s legacy of turning South Africa from a violently discriminatory country to a nation in which open and fair elections take place has earned him a place in world history. The South Africa he left behind has a constitution described by The Economist as “one of the most progressive in the world.” Signed into law by Mandela two years after his historic 1994 election, the document has been praised because it “enshrines a wide range of social and economic rights as well as the more usual civil and political freedoms.”
That constitution allows for and supports a rigorous election integrity process far more stringent than anything GOP lawmakers have proposed ......"
The Left can honor their hero Mandela by calling for U.S. voter ID requirements be brought up to South African standards.  Voter registration in South Africa involves registering to vote on one of a handful of designated days or by making an appointment in advance at a Municipal Elections Office. Online voter registration and voting are not allows. “You have to apply for registration and vote in person with valid ID,” reads the government’s elections website.
Two of the common forms of identification and most easily forged, passports and drivers licenses, do not suffice for election ID purposes.

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