Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sign Language Interpreter Inadvertently Embarrasses Obama

The Unknown Interpreter  
JOHANNESBURG (MFNS) - A man who provided sign language interpretation on stage for Nelson Mandela's memorial service, attended by scores of heads of state, was said to be a "fake", or was he?

South African sign language covers all of the country's 11 official languages, according to the director of the Deaf Federation of South Africa. It wasn't immediately clear if the unidentified man was using a different method to communicate the many speaker"s words.

Dr. Clone Swenson and a team of African sign language experts reviewed the tape of President Obama's speech and have come to a startling conclusion. 

Swenson told MFNS  "while we don't understand his method, the man did indeed translate a number of  phases correctly in African sign language".  We now believe the man was not interpreting President Obama's words, but his unconscious thoughts as he spoke.

"We believe he was a Psychic Interpreter, which would explain the correct interpretative signing of the phrases " I wear my wife's underwear" and "no fun here - wicked witch is watching" in the second paragraph of Obama's speech".  The team also found the interpreter correctly signed the phrase " 9 iron - sand-trap on the right"  in the sentence that followed.

"These are just a few examples we found", said Swenson," most of the interpretations couldn't be repeated in polite company you see". 

Some on the team are no so convinced, but could not give any explanation for the peppering of the translation from beginning to end with the correct signing of phases like "Raul is cool" and the obscure Kenyan words for "Hot Blonde" and "Boobies".